29. October, 2021Weekly Buzz

Sometimes things fall into place for inexplicable reasons, like when the school has a collaboration day and as a result you don’t have to take your children out in the pouring rain all day.  Thanks to virtual meetings, even our faculty got to stay out of the rain while learning and sharing best practices for STEM/STEAM/STREAM in Catholic education.  I think when we put all this together, divine providence is the best explanation for why today worked out so well.


STEM as Science, Technology, Engineering, Math doesn’t cover all the bases so in practice the Arts have been added (STEAM) and we also include Religion (STREAM) as we incorporate it into Catholic school instruction.  At Saint Bernadette, we are in our third year of building our Project Lead the Way program with Mrs. O’Connell at the helm, and she just completed training for our Pre-K to Grade 2 teachers last week to integrate PLTW into their instruction.  The program will spiral into our intermediate grades (3-5) next year so the investment in our STEM for All Annual Fund of a few years ago continues to grow!


Today, our teachers and paraeducators attended sessions tailor-made for their instruction areas, and afterward I could tell they are excited to incorporate more STEM into their lessons for all subject areas.  Sessions also included using STEAM/STREAM as a springboard for discussions on social justice and the interconnection of environmental concerns.  Keep an eye out for more of this content in your children’s curricula!


That’s it for this edition of the Buzz.  I hope you’ve kept dry so far today.  See below for important CYO, Greater Love, and Health Office updates, and remember that our first marking quarter ends next week so we will have early dismissal on Friday.  I look forward to seeing our saints in training back in school on Monday for All Saints Day and school mass that morning.  Have an enjoyable weekend despite no Friday Night on the Field later today.  State in Fide!


In His service,

Mr. Ewanciw



Important Dates Ahead

November 1   All Saints Day school mass

November 4   TAG day for St. Camillus Food Pantry $1 minimum donation

November 5   NOON DISMISSAL–End of 1st Quarter

November 11    NOON DISMISSAL– Parent Teacher Conferences

November 12    NO SCHOOL–Parent Teacher Conferences

November 20  ECHO Dinner to benefit Fund-A-Scholar


From the Health Office

Parents, please be aware that you are expected to notify the school as soon as possible for any absence due to illness, a student testing positive for COVID-19, and when a student has had close contact with a person with confirmed or probable COVID-19. Please know that we are mandated to report any communicable disease of a student or staff member to the county health department (COMAR 10.06.01). This is a vital part of keeping our entire school community safe.

As a reminder our school illness policy states that you should not send your child to school if they:

  • Have had a fever in the past 24 hours (they must be fever free without the help of medication)

  • Are vomiting and/or have had diarrhea in the past 24 hours

  • Have strep throat (they must no longer have a fever and have taken antibiotics for at least 12 hours before returning to school)

  • Have head lice (they must be treated before returning)

  • Have conjunctivitis (pink eye) with drainage 

Please remember that your child should be able to wear a face mask comfortably while they are in school. If your child attends school with a runny nose or cough and is unable to keep their mask on, we will ask you to pick your child up. A child who is sick will not be able to perform well in school and is likely to spread their illness to other children and staff.  Please make a plan ahead of time for childcare in case you are called to pick your sick child up from school. Pick up of an ill or injured child should be arranged within a timely manner.  


Please call the school’s health room at 301-593-5611, Ext. 123 if you have any questions or concerns.

CYO’s Court Time is Now! 

As we move from Cross Country and Soccer into Basketball, the CYO needs to get an idea of who wants to play.  We will be opening registrations soon.  However, for planning purposes, we need to get a sense of the demand.  As it stands from the responses to the Google Form, we do not have significant demand.  Unlike Soccer and Cross Country that use outdoor facilities or public spaces, Basketball requires that we reserve gym space for the teams to play.  …and we need to do that now.  It will be fully based on the responses that we get from the survey and the gyms are likely to be filled up fast.  Therefore, we will not be able to be as flexible with adding your kids to the teams as we move forward.  As it stands right now, we do not have an overwhelming response rate which means that we will be letting go of gym time that we will not be using because that would be an expense that simply can’t afford.  So, if your child has any interest in basketball and you have not filled out the interest form, please fill out the interest form here by Sunday (October 31, 2021).


There is no Greater Love than this…


The Greater Love Committee would like to thank our community for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm for the coat drive! We were able to raise $850 in Venmo donations used for purchasing new coats and outerwear, $366 from Tag Day donations, and LOTS of coat donations! The total number of new coats gifted is 70, along with 60 new hats, 60 new pairs of gloves, over 200 donated coats along with $366 in Tag Day money for further support of donations.  It’s been a great start to a great year of service.

Tag Days! Greater Love will be hosting Tag Days on the 1st Thursday of each month. With a $1.00 (or more!) donation, children participate in fundraising to benefit local food pantries, communities in need, etc. Next Greater Love Tag Day is November 4th- proceeds will benefit St. Camillus Food Pantry.

Still collecting for Angel Pennies – Thanks to everyone who has already started donating their pennies to the Angel Penny program –  Every penny counts!   If your family is in need of support through The Angel Network, please contact Mr. Ewanciw, the Principal. Needs could range in nature from uniforms, CYO fees, field trip fees, eyeglasses, or any other expenses that a family may incur for their child to participate fully in their St. Bernadette School experience.  As we begin field trips and many other activities, the Greater Love Committee wants to remind everyone if any of these costs are a financial hardship for your family, please reach out to Mr. Ewanciw.  He can help cover costs using Greater Love funds so that your child can participate fully in St B’s events.  Other than Mr. Ewanciw knowing, this is an entirely confidential process. There is a blue bin labeled “Angel Pennies” in the front entrance of the school.