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OK everyone, here are the words you need to study for Friday’s quiz.  Remember there will be essay questions too based on your notes, and make sure you have memorized the St. Patrick prayer!

1) Trinity

2) Invocation

3) 4 types of prayer (and the definitions of each!)

4) H.A.R.P.O.O.N. , and how it works for staying strong in faith during suffering

5) Forgiveness

6) Love

7) vocation

8) discernment

9) Word of God


And as a BONUS, here are the topics for potential essay questions!!  Study, so you don’t suffer like JACOB!

1) Know the basic history of the life of St. Patrick

2) Describe how and why  a)Jacob suffered, and b) Joseph suffered.  What was God doing in each of their cases?  Be able to explain how Joseph is a type of Christ.

3) Know how and why Joseph tested his brothers, and how they passed the tests.