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OK everyone, here are the potential vocab. words and essay questions that could appear on Tuesday’s quiz.  Study them well – if you know all of these, you will get an A on the quiz!!

Vocabulary terms to know:

1) Dignity

2) Dogma

3) Forgiveness

4) Incarnation

5) Christian

6) Reparation

7) Immaculate Conception

8) Infallible

9) Peace

10) Covenant


Potential essay questions – these are not the exact questions, but if you know the answers to these you will know how to answer the actual essay questions:

1) Describe the 3 comings of Christ we remember during Advent, and explain the importance of each.

2) Why do you think God allowed Jacob to suffer so much after he ran away from home?

3) Whose fault was Joseph being sold into slavery?  Discuss the connection between sin and suffering.

4) Explain how playing favorites caused so many problems in the lives of the patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob) and their families.