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OK everyone,

here are the assignments you want to have completed by the time I return.  Each one should be done in your notebooks, and will be graded as a graded classwork grade:

  1. Read Genesis 29:14-30.  This passage describes how Jacob was treated by Laban, and how Jacob found a wife.  Answer the following in your notebooks:
    a) why is it fitting that Jacob was tricked by Laban into doing slave labor for 14 years?
    b) why do you think God is allowing Jacob to suffer at the hands of even his relatives?
    c) Jacob ends up marrying two wives.  Is this going to turn out well?  How do you know?
    200-250 words total.
2. Read Genesis 32:1-21, and answer the following in notebooks:
a) This chapter describes how Jacob is going back to Canaan to meet with Esau.  Why is it important to God that Jacob have this meeting?
b) This chapter give concrete evidence that Jacob has been repenting during his time of suffering under Laban.  Where is this evidence?  Quote verses from the Bible that show Jacob’s repentance.
c)quote evidence from the chapter that shows that Esau is still ‘the party guy’, and also seems to still be angry at Jacob.
d)quote evidence that Jacob is finally relying on God, and not himself!
e)what is Jacob’s plan for his meeting with Esau?  What does he hope it will accomplish?
200-250 words total.
3. Read Genesis 33.  This chapter details the long-awaited meeting of Jacob and Esau.
a) Summarize the unexpected events of this chapter in your own words.
b) What has Esau learned how to do?  How do you think this has been made possible?
c) Quote the Bible, giving evidence that Jacob has really repented to God and become humble.  Explain why you chose the quote you choose.
d) What is interesting about the words Jacob uses to address Esau?  About the word Esau uses to address Jacob?  What do they tell you about what forgiveness is all about?
200-250 words total, in notebooks.
4. Read Genesis 35:1-15.  Summarize in your notebooks the events that led to God establishing His covenant with Jacob.  100 words total.

Read Genesis 37, which should be familiar to most of you.  There are many people sinning here, some more obvious than others.  In your notebooks, write down: 1)Who are the sinners, 2)What their sins are, and 3)quotes for each sin from Genesis 37.  After you finish this, answer one more question: how much of what happens in this chapter is Isaac and Rebekah’s fault?  200-250 words total.
6) Read Genesis 39, and answer the following in notebooks: 1) Why do you think God allowed Joseph to be put in jail for a crime he did not commit?  2) Quote 2 pieces of evidence from the chapter that God was still taking care of Joseph despite his being put into prison.  3) What do you think was going through Joseph’s mind through all of this?  Explain your answer.  200 words total.
7) Read Genesis 40, and answer the following in their notebooks: a)What gift was Joseph able to use in jail, and how had this gift helped or hurt him in the past?  b)Why do you think God allowed the cupbearer to forget about Joseph, keeping Joseph in jail another 2 years?  c)Put yourself in Joseph’s position.  Would you have become bitter and angry at God at this point?  Why or why not?  200 words total.
8)Read the book of Jonah in the Bible.  This book is a perfect book for understanding what Lent is all about.  After you read it, summarize each of the 4 chapters in your notebooks by writing 50 words or so per chapter about what the main events are.  After this if time permits, answer the following by quoting parts of Jonah: a)Where is the sin here?  b)Where is the repentance?  c)Where is God’s justice?  d)Where is God’s mercy?