4. December, 2014

Answer Key

  1. Protons in: Nitrogen – 7 Oxygen – 8  Calcium – 20
  2. Neutrons in: Phosphorus: 16   Potassium:  20  Neon:  10
  3. Atomic number of Uranium: 92
  4. Four most common are iron, aluminum, silicon and oxygen
  5. Alchemists: Turn base metals into gold and create the “elixir of life” from the philosopher’s stone
  6. An alloy is a fusion of two or more metals or of metals with non-metals

Bronze – alloy of copper and tin

Steel – alloy of iron and carbon

  1. A fruit-salad is a mixture because the fruit in the salad do not chemically react and form new substances. A compound is a substance in which two or more elements bond and form a new substance that has different properties than those of the elements that make up the compound.