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Cell Life Cycle

3 stages in Eukaryotic Cells:

  1. Interphase:

Objectives of Interphase: cell does its job and grows to its full size. If it is a cell that is going to divide it begins to prepare for cell division by replicating DNA and organelles

  • Cell is busy doing its job
  • Cell grows to its full size
  • DNA is in a form called chromatin – inside the nucleus

Chromatin – thread-like DNA strands bundled together

When necessary, cell prepares for division by:

  • making copies of organelles
  • making an exact copy of its DNA in a process called replication
  • for example, if the cell had 6 strands of DNA, it now has 12 strands so that 6 will go into each new cell created by division

DO NOW:  sketch/label a picture (in color) to show your understanding of each bulleted statement above.