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January 16 – video link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URUJD5NEXC8

worksheet:  Cell Video Questions


January 17:  Plant Cell – if we have a snow day or you are absent here is the work:

Student papers:  please go to Rediker to get these pages


1.First color the cell wall and then the cytoplasm (use a light color) and cell membrane

2.Color all organelles and labels BEFORE cutting them out.

3.Chloroplasts need to be colored green.

4.Color organelles and their labels the same color – use the textbook (pg. 64) to match the organelle function.

5.For organelles that are too small or awkward to color, color around the organelle with the same color you use for the cytoplasm and then cut.

After all coloring is done, glue cell wall, at an angle, onto the blank paper; glue in cytoplasm and add organelles and labels.