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Click on the link to see the diagram.


What do we know about EM radiation?

Use the EM Spectrum diagram (link above) to answer the following.

1.Which forms of EM radiation can enter Earth’s atmosphere?

2. Which form has a wavelength about the length of a skyscraper?

3. Which form has the shortest wavelength?

4. The frequency range for radio waves is about 104 to 108 Hz. What is the frequency range for infrared radiation through ultraviolet radiation?

5. What is the wavelength of Gamma rays? This wavelength is about the same length of what object?

6. Can radiation with a frequency above 1016 Hz enter Earth’s atmosphere?

7. A needle point is about the same length of the wavelength of what type of radiation?

8. Which form has the lowest frequency?

9. The higher the frequency of a wave, the more energy it carries. Knowing this, which form do you think is the most dangerous to human cells?
10. The prefix “infra” means below. Why is infrared radiation given this name?