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1.Review Worksheet (print page 1; page 2 has a word bank)

2. Go to pages 4 and 5 of this document to do the following:

Activity title – Are traits controlled by dominant alleles more common than traits controlled by recessive alleles?

A. Answer Part 1 questions.

B. Copy the data table, filled in if you were absent below:

C. Answer all 3 Analyze and Conclude questions – in your notebook and in complete sentences.  THIS IS A STAMPED ASSIGNMENT




1.mitosis and meiosis review – use your notes to answer.


2. Answer the following 2 questions using page 157 in this PDF version of our textbook: Chapter 5- Genetics-The Science of Heredity.pdf

1.What is an allele?

2.If you inherit a dominant allele for eye color from your mother and a recessive allele for eye color from your father for a specific trait, which allele will “show up” in your eyes?


3/19 – 3/22

Copy all of the information in the document.

Homologous chromatids notes 1

Gametes notes– fill in the blanks with the answer key on the 2nd page

meiosis game:  https://biomanbio.com/HTML5GamesandLabs/Genegames/snurflemeiosishtml5page.html

Follow the links for playing the game:  Meiosis Interactive