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Congratulations on all of your hard work on growing (attempted growing?) a bean plant.

Project Due Date:  Friday, January 11, 2019 in either physical or virtual form. YOU MUST HAVE 6 SEPARATE JOURNAL ENTRIES THAT FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS BELOW.

Bean Grow and Develop Project. Directions for each required observation will be here. Here is the first below. Remember that you can make a physical or a digital journal of your bean’s development. You may use your own hand drawings (in color) and/or photos of your bean for your journal. Digital should be in Google slides, Power Point. If you have a different software you would like to use let me know.

Observations Requirements:  At least 5 detailed observations are required for each journal entry. Three of the 5 must be QUANTITATIVE, using the metric system only.

Observation 2 directions for 11/8/18. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Observation 3 due by evening of Monday, 11/19. Follow the same direction for Observation 2.

Use these pictures to help you identify the parts: