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OK everyone, as I told you in class, the quiz goes back in the notes to the Divided Kingdom, approximately 5/2 in the notes.  Here’s the specifics of what you want to know:

  1. Transubstantiation
  2. Prophet
  3. Northern/Southern Kingdom names and original kings
  4. Ascension
  5. Pentecost
  6. Widow’s Witness (and the term ‘witness’ itself)
  7. Pascal’s wager
  8. Why God allows suffering
  9. Vanity
  10. Docility
  11. Naaman’s Moses Moment and Widow’s Witness
  12. Israel’s Moses Moment and Widow’s Witness in the time of Elijah
  13. Esther’s Moses Moment
  14. What happened on these important dates in Salvation History: 722B.C., 586B.C., 539B.C., 516B.C. (make sure to keep the Kingdoms and conquerors straight!)