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Hi everyone, here are the possible choices for the 7th grade quiz on 1/13 (this Tuesday!)  If you study and know the answers to all of these, you will PASS!!

Vocabulary and Concepts:

1) Litany of Hate (know the terms and how they work, both in ancient times and in modern times)

2) Whose fault were the plagues

3) Eschatology

4) Dogma

5) Moses Moment (examples and how they work!)

6) Immaculate Conception: be able to defend the truth of this dogma using scripture, Church teaching, and miracles

7) Yahweh: meaning and significance of God revealing it to Moses

8) Passover: its nature, and how the Mass is the Christian Passover

9) Advent, the three comings of Christ, and the symbols of the season

10) Why God can take life, but He does not murder