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For each question, give a Bible citation (chapter and verse((s))) where you found the answer:

  1. What was special about Samson’s birth?
  2. What was Samson’s vocation supposed to be?  How do you know?
  3. What regulation did Samson need to follow?
  4. Who did Samson marry, and why did he choose her?
  5. What did Samson do to a lion, and why?
  6. Why did Samson propose a riddle to the Philistines, and how did they solve it?
  7. What did Samson do in response?
  8. How did Samson lose his wife, and what did he do for revenge?
  9.  How many men did Samson kill with a jawbone, and why did he kill them?
  10. Whom did Samson visit in Gaza?  Was this a good thing?
  11. Who was Delilah?  What did the Philistines want her to do?
  12. How did she succeed?  What happened to Samson, and whose fault was it?
  13. How did Samson die?  What did he accomplish?