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OK everyone, here’s what you need to know for Thursday’s quiz.  Make sure you ask questions if there is anything you don’t know!


1) Judge

2) C.L.A.S.S.E.S.

3) Nazirite vow

4) prophet

5) idolatry

Short answer/ essay: know the following terms, concepts, and events:

1) All parts of the cycle of sin, and how the cycle still is true today

2) Why God answered Gideon’s request for signs, but why we today don’t need the same kinds of signs

3) Was Samson’s life a triumph or tragedy?  Know Samson’s strengths and weaknesses to explain your answer

4) Was Saul’s life a triumph or a tragedy?  Know Saul’s strengths and weaknesses to explain your answer

5) An example of someone in this stage of salvation history having a ‘Moses Moment’

6) Why Israel wanted a king, and why God gave them one.