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OK 7th graders, here’s the information you need that I was hinting at last week.  As I mentioned, there will not be a quiz this coming week in class.  Instead, each of you is to make an art project of your own design that shows the 6 covenants in scripture that we discussed in class.  It could be a poster, a comic-book style drawing on drawing paper, a diorama, or something else that presents the 6 covenants in chronological order.  Your grade will be a quiz grade!  It will be based on how accurately you present the covenants, and the time it appears you spent on the work.  You can use artwork from the internet to help you, but the design should be your own.  Remember to be creative!  Due on Friday, 11/2.

SCRIPTURE PASSAGES for each covenant:

God with Adam and Eve: Genesis 1:27-31; Genesis 2:15-17

God with Noah and family: Genesis 9:1-17

God with Abraham and tribe: Genesis 15

God with Moses and the nation of Israel: Exodus 19-24

God with David and the Kingdom of Israel: 2 Samuel 7

God with the whole world through Christ: Mark 14:22-25