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OK everyone here are the assignments you need to complete by the time I return.  All should be done in your notebooks, and each assignment will be graded as a graded classwork grade:


1)Read 1 Samuel 24.  This passage describes David being on the run from Saul, who is jealous of David and trying to kill him.  It details important qualities of David’s character, some of which we haven’t yet seen.  Read the passage, and describe three personality traits of David that help to define the kind of man he is.  For each trait, copy a supporting quote from the passage in your notebook.  Then, explain how each quote describes the character traits that you selected.  200-250 words total.


2) Read 1 Samuel 26, and answer the following in your notebooks:

a) write a 100-125 word summary of the events of this chapter
b) copy a quote that demonstrates how in this chapter, David shows each of the following characteristics: humility, courage, respect, confidence in God, and honesty.
c) for each of your quotes, explain how the quote you chose demonstrates the characteristic in 1-2 sentences per characteristic
d) if time allows, do a character analysis of Saul by finding 3 quotes about him, and writing what characteristic each quote shows about Saul.
b-d should be 250-300 words total (d will be considered extra credit).

3)  Read psalm 57.  This a a psalm David prayed when being hunted down by Saul.  Answer the following in your notebooks:

a) What would you consider the theme of this psalm, and why?
b) Recall the characteristics of David you wrote about yesterday.  Which one (or ones) are obvious by what David has written in this psalm?  Explain your answer.
c) How do you think it is possible that David is thanking and praising God before God has actually rescued him from Saul?  Is this a good thing to do in general?  Why or why not?
200-250 words total.
4)Read 1 Samuel 28:3-19.  Describe why what Saul does here is so wrong.  What do you think has led to this event in Saul’s life?  100 words total.

It is time to start planning your essay entitled “David at St. Bernadette’s”.  Now that you know something of David’s character, write an imaginative essay about a new student who comes to our school who has the character traits of David.  Your essay should describe a day in the life of this new student.  In your essay, make sure to show this new student doing and saying things that bring out these character traits.  Today you are writing the rough copy in your notebooks, and finishing it for homework.  200-250 words.
6) Each student should have finished their essays from yesterday about a boy like David coming to St. Bernadette’s.   Final copies should be typed, with a cover page drawn by each student, to be turned in on Friday.

Read 2 Samuel 6:12-23, and answer the following in their notebooks: a)What do David’s actions tell us about his character?  b)Was his wife justified in despising David?  Why or why not?  c)What was David’s motivation for acting how he did?  Do you think God was pleased with him?  Why or why not?  200-250 words total.
8)  Read the book of Jonah in the Bible.  This book is a perfect book for understanding what Lent is all about.  After you read it, summarize each of the 4 chapters in your notebooks by writing 50 words or so per chapter about what the main events are.  After this if time permits, answer the following by quoting parts of Jonah: a)Where is the sin here?  b)Where is the repentance?  c)Where is God’s justice?  d)Where is God’s mercy?