1. June, 2015

ID website

Macroinvertebrate Identification Preparation

  1. Go to “Pollution Sensitive” and click on “Mayfly Nymph”
  2. Make a sketch of the organism (in pencil)

2 List two characteristic physical traits of this organism that will help you to ID it easily.

  1. List what they eat and its trophic level.
  2. Is the organism an herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?
  3. Read the “Interesting Facts” and copy the “Fact” that you find to be the most interesting.
  4. Go to “Somewhat Sensitive” and repeat 1-5 for “Crane Fly Larva”
  5. Go to “Pollutant Tolerant” and repeat 1-5 for “Midge Fly Larva”