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HOMEWORK:  CREATE A STUDY GUIDE THAT COVERS ALL THE FOLLOWING SCIENCE CONTENT THAT WILL BE ON THURSDAY’S QUIZ (in your notebook or loose-leaf if you prefer – either way this is stamped in the notebook)

1.Be able to identify the stage or phase of the cell cycle and mitosis based on the description of what is happening in the cell.

2.Be able to draw and label a nucleotide.

3.Be able to draw and label a chromosome.

4.Be able to identify which bases bond with each other in a DNA molecule.

5.Be able to identify the shape of a DNA molecule.

6.Be able to draw a cell in the following phases of mitosis: metaphase, anaphase and telophase

7.Know in which stages/phase DNA is in the form of chromatin, chromatids and chromosomes.

Links that you may enjoy for studying mitosis:

Review animation: