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Classwork for 11/13. You may work in pairs or alone (triples NOT allowed). If you are loud or off topic the substitute can tell you to work alone. Complete what you can in the time provided. None of the work is homework.

A.Velocity Review problems: Answer in your notebook. You must write the equation you are using, the equation with the numerals and units and then do the math by hand. Round your answer to the 10ths place. Circle your final answer.

1.A bicyclist travels 60.0 kilometers, south, in 3.5 hours; what is her average velocity? v = d/t

2.An airplanes velocity is 420 km/h North and has traveled for 1.25 hours. How far had the plane traveled in this time?
d = v x t


B. Blue Textbook Assignment on velocity:

1. Read through pages 312-317.

2. Copy (exactly) the graph – Figure 5 – on page 316 onto graph paper. Glue into your notebook.

3. Answer questions 1 (a, b, c) and 2 (a, b, c) on page 317 in your notebook – COMPLETE SENTENCES REQUIRED FOR CREDIT.


C. Acceleration:

1. Read the paragraph on page 320 labeled “What is Acceleration”.

2.Copy the definition of acceleration.

3.Copy the last sentence that is in bold (begins with “In science…”).

4. Page 321 provides scenarios for increasing speed, decreasing speed and changing directions (all forms of acceleration). Sketch a picture (in pencil/colored pencil) that represents each form of acceleration – you can use the ideas in the paragraphs or make up your own. Make sure each sketch is labeled as to which form of acceleration it represents.


D. Review the electromagnetic spectrum

1. Answer question 2a, 2b and 2c and then 1c on page 585.

2. Complete the “Math Practice” – Scientific Notation on page 585.


E. Any remaining time: AR book, vocabulary cards in your notebook.