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Foldable Directions:

1.Write the definition for each form of energy using the handout.

2.Use your knowledge, textbook or internet research to find two examples of this form of energy.

3.Draw pictures of your examples in the empty space provided – must be neatly done and IN COLOR (colored pencil and/or marker)

4.cut out and glue together as shown.

5.Glue two center panels into your notebook

6.Get 2 stamps for a job well done.

Energy Foldable Picture

Glossary Words:

Energy – the ability to do work; energy is what makes matter move or change

mechanical energy – form of E associated with the position and motion of an object

kinetic energy – the energy an object has due to its motion; KE of an object depends on its mass and velocity

potential energy – stored energy resulting from the position or shape (stretched or compressed)

gravitational potential energy – potential energy related to an object’s height

energy transformations – a change in one form of energy to another