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To all 8th grade students: your final Religion exam is coming Thursday, 5/24, and will count for a significant part of your 4th quarter grade.  If you hope to pass, I highly recommend studying the following information:

Vocabulary you should know: Grace, Humility, Confirmation, Sacrament, Pride, Dignity, Love,  Gifts of the Holy Spirit (the list, not the definitions), C.L.A.S.S.E.S., Incarnation, S.L.E.D., Immaculate Conception, transcendent

Essay questions:

-Know thoroughly one proof of God’s existence, including syllogism, skeptic response to syllogism, and our response to this response

-Know how to prove the Old Testament reliable using fulfilled prophecy, with 2 examples of these prophesies (know book, chapter, and verses) and how they were fulfilled by Christ

-Be able to prove the New Testament reliable using the criteria of the 5 questions and our answers to these questions

-Be able to demonstrate using at least 2 passages from the New Testament that Jesus claimed to be God

-Be able to prove that Jesus is God by showing Christ rose historically from the dead using the A.L.P.s method

Questions?  Send me an email, and don’t forget to pray as you study!