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OK 8th graders, here is the information you need to know in order to pass this exam.  The exam is worth 50% of your grade for the 4th quarter, so if you hope to pass study well, and pray as you study!

Vocabulary you should know: Grace, Humility, Confirmation, Sacrament, Pride, Dignity, Love,  Gifts of the Holy Spirit (names and definitions), effects of Confirmation (G.S.U.I.), C.L.A.S.S.E.S., Incarnation, S.L.E.D., Immaculate Conception, transcendent, Baptism by Desire

Essay questions:

-Know thoroughly one proof of God’s existence, including syllogism, skeptic response to syllogism, and our response to the skeptic.

-Know how to prove the Old Testament reliable using fulfilled prophecy, with 2 examples of these prophesies (know book, chapter, and verses) and how they were fulfilled.  Be able to draw a conclusion from these prophecies!

-Be able to prove the New Testament reliable using the criteria of the 5 questions and our answers to these questions

-Be able to demonstrate using the New Testament that Jesus claimed to be God.  Know at least 2 passages and how Jesus claimed to be God in those passages.  Also know the method used to analyze apparently ‘Arian’ passages.

-Know Lewis’ ‘Trilemma’, which is true for anyone who claims to be God.  Be able to explain why Jesus fits only one of the 3 options, and why.