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OK 8th grade, you’ve read the passages in the Gospels, but you may not have understood everything.  Read my list of hints that will help you answer the questions you’ve been given intelligently:

1 . For Mark 2, think about the 2 things that Jesus does for the paralyzed man, and who would be able to do those 2 things.

2 . For Matthew 5, the law Jesus refers to when He says ‘you have heard it said’ comes from the Old Testament.  Think about who gave the Old Testament law to the people.  Then think about what Jesus does to this law.  How could He do this?

3 . For Luke 6, think about where the Sabbath came from.  Then think about what it means for Jesus to call Himself Lord of the Sabbath.

4 . For Matthew 28, think about who is in the baptismal formula Jesus gives.  Think also about what Jesus claims to be able to do for His followers, and how long He says He will do it.

5 . For John 5, pay attention to why the people wanted to kill Jesus.

6 . For John 8, think about the title Jesus gives to Himself (yes it is a title, not bad grammar!).  If you don’t know where it comes from, look it up in Exodus chapter 3.

7 . For John 10, think about why the people accuse Jesus of blasphemy.

As you have seen in some of these passages, Jesus’ most common title for Himself is ‘Son of Man’.  It means more than you think!  The reference comes from Daniel 7: 9-14.  Everyone in Jesus’ audience would have been familiar with this reference, and what Jesus was claiming when He used it to refer to Himself. . .