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Ok everyone, here are the details for what the project to turn in should look like.  Each group of two should turn in only one project!  The groups should naturally divide up the work evenly.


  1. Illustrated cover page, with drawings of events and people contained in the prophecies
  2. 13 separate analyses, one for each prophecy.  Each analysis should consist of the answers to the three questions: a)When approximately was the prophecy written? (no need to duplicate this answer for multiple prophecies from the same book) b)what does the prophecy specifically say about the coming Savior? c) how does Christ fulfill the prophecy in the New Testament?  This part should include the matching verse from the New Testament.
  3. Conclusion, which explains how the work you did in the project proves the Old Testament is reliable.
  4. The whole thing should be typed!!

Below is a list in random order of the 13 New Testament fulfillment passages you need to match up with the Old Testament prophecies!

  1. Matt. 1:18-25
  2. Matt. 21:1-8
  3. Matt. 22:41-46
  4. Matt. 26:14-16, 27:3-10
  5. Mark 14:53-65
  6. Mark 15:1-5
  7. Luke 1:30-38
  8. Luke 2:1-5
  9. Luke 23: 33-43
  10. John 1:1-5, 14
  11. John 19:33-35
  12. John 19:38-42
  13. John 20