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OK everyone, this is the last quiz of the quarter.  If you know all of the material, you will do well.  Do yourself a favor and study!

  1. The basic structure of the Bible, including: a) number of books in each section, b) types of books in each section by name, c) an example of a book in each section, d)all books in the Pentateuch, and e)all 4 Gospels
  2. Be able to describe 4 Old Testament prophecies of your choice by chapter, verse, and description of what he Savior would do.
  3. Be able to tell specifically how Jesus fulfilled each of your 4 prophecies.  Extra credit: tell specifically where (book, chapter, and verse) Jesus fulfilled these prophecies.
  4. Explain in a cogent way how the Old Testament fulfilled prophecies prove the Old Testament is reliable.
  5. Define abortion, unborn, embryo, fetus, Roe v. Wade, the SLED argument and how it works, and why abortion is never justified even in hard cases (such as an ectopic pregnancy).