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OK 8th graders, welcome to your study guide.  If you know the information discussed here, you will pass the quiz on 1/15.  If this were a syllogism, the conclusion would be to study!!

Information you need to know:

1) The comings of Christ we celebrate during Advent

2) The 4 sections of the Old Testament, the 4 sections of the New Testament, as well as related information from your notes (dates, number of books, authors, etc)

3) Logical argument to show the dogma of the Immaculate Conception is true (use scripture, Church teaching, and miracles)

4) Evidence that the Old Testament is reliable.  Use our methodology of prophecy, and be sure to explain how the method works!!  Know at least 3 OT prophecies by book, chapter, and verse, and how Christ fulfilled them.

5) Know the 5 questions to determine if the New Testament is reliable

6) Know 3 reasons why we think the authors of the Gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

– a little more to come tomorrow!