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Hi everyone,

This is what you need to know for tomorrow’s Religion exam.  Make sure you study, and bring an outline of your own with the answers to these questions for 10 points of extra credit!

1) Give one complete proof of God’s existence.  Include the syllogism, an explanation of the syllogism, one skeptic response to your syllogism, and a response to the skeptic’s response.

2) Give one example of an Old Testament prophecy that Christ fulfilled in the New Testament.  Explain how it helps show the Old Testament is reliable

3) Give the four questions we ask to determine New Testament reliability, and include their answers!

4) Give one example of how Christ claimed to be God in the Gospels.  No citation reference is needed.

5) Name the 4 relatively undisputed facts concerning the Resurrection that we discussed in class, and how they give strong evidence that the Resurrection was a real historical event.

6) What is the atheist’s syllogism regarding God and suffering?  Explain why the syllogism is not valid using reasons that we discussed in class.

7) Don’t forget to study the 10 vocabulary words I gave you in class!  In case you can’t find them here they are again:

Humility, Incarnation, Dignity, Love, C.L.A.S.S.E.S., S.L.E.D., (for the acronyms, know what each letter stands for and what the acronym is used for!), Pride, Docility, Sacrament, Kenosis.