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OK everyone, part of the exam this year is ‘take home’, that is, you can do it at home, and use whatever resources you’d like to help you in your paper.  The topic is the historical Resurrection of Christ from the dead.  I have posted presentations from 2 notable scholars, Dr. William Lane Craig and Dr. Peter Kreeft, on my webpage.  There you will find both audio/visual video presentations, as well as written presentations.  Choose one of these, and watch and/or read the presentation, and then in 500 words convince me that Jesus rose body and soul from the dead.  Your presentation should be:


-use logical points from the scholar

-be as comprehensive as possible within the 500 word limit

This project is worth  25% of your 4th quarter grade

EXTRA CREDIT: for a 10% bonus on this grade, watch the video with a parent, and have them write a brief reaction to the information presented.  Turn it in with your project!