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OK everyone, we are quickly running out of time in this year, and the Resurrection is the capstone of our apologetics discussion.  You are going to learn some of this by doing some reading on your own, and then explaining it back to me.  On my webpage here look in the upper right hand corner (classroom links).  Here you will find two arguments for the Resurrection of Christ being a historical event, one by Dr. Craig (minimal facts method), and another by Dr. Kreeft (all logical possibilities method).  Take either one, and explain it back to me in any format you choose.  You can write it out in your own words, illustrate it, do a skit on video, enact a dialogue – the possibilities are near limitless!  For your explanation however, pretend I’m in 5th grade, and you need to explain it on level an average 5th grader can understand.  The point is to explain the whole argument as thoroughly and creatively as you can.  This is a quiz grade for you, and it is due next Tuesday, 5/31.