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Gravity and Motion textbook pages

Gravity continued:

1.Title a new page in your notebook as “What is free-fall and the acceleration of an object due to gravity?”

Under this title do the following using page 346 in the textbook:

a. Write the definition of free fall.

b. Draw a free-body diagram showing an object in free fall. Label arrows as appropriate.

c. Copy the sentence that begins with “Near the surface of the earth,…”

d. Copy the sentence that begins with “This means that for every second…”

e. Copy the sentence that begins with “The velocity continues to…”

f. Copy and highlight the following: All objects in free fall accelerate (increase in speed) at the same rate REGARDLESS of their masses.

2. Draw and label a picture, in pencil/colored pencil, showing objects with two different masses accelerating, due only to the force of gravity, at the same rate.

3. Complete Math/Analyzing Data on page 346. Note the equation for slope: Slope = rise/run (see your copy of the distance/time graph in your notebook on 11/13).