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Can you write a formal hypothesis?

Informal hypohesis:  If hot water is put in black and white cans, the black can will cool down faster than the white can.

Formal: ________

Create a formal hypothesis for this question:  Will the amount of salt in soil affect the growth of corn stalks.

Formal: __________

Test Practice:

For an experiment about the temperature of the soil and how long it takes lettuce seeds to germinate:

1.Write an experimental question.

2.Independent variable

3.Dependent variable

4.Write a formal hypothesis

5.Describe the control group.

6.Describe the experimental groups (two).

7.List three constants.

Make sure you know the experimental and control group, and results for each group, for the Pasteur experiment and that you can list several constants for the his experiment. 


If the speed of cooling is related to the color of the can, then the black can will cool down faster than the white can.

If the growth of corn stalks is related to the amount of salt in soil, then the more salt in the soil the taller the stalks will grow.

Test Practice Answers:

1.Will the temperature of the soil affect how long it takes the lettuce seeds to germinate?

2.IV:  temperature of the soil

3.DV:  time it takes for seeds to germinate

4.If the time to germination is related to the temperature of the soil, then seeds in cooler temperatures will take longer to germinate than seeds in warmer temperatures.

5.control:  seeds in room temperature soil (other answers might be reasonable)

6.experimental:  answers can vary, but should be something like… cold soil (15 degrees below room temp), room temperature soil and warm soil (15 degrees above room temp)

7.constants:  same type and age of lettuce seeds, same type of soil, same watering regiment, same sunlight, same containers