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1. Sugar cube analysis (glue and do):  SUGAR CUBE experiment analysis

2. These slides of the power point show you what we did in class today and what you will need to make up. october 9 classwork

You can print slide 2 and use slide 2 to fill in the blanks. You can watch the animation on slide 3. You can set up your notebook for slides 4, 5 and 6 to prepare yourself for doing the two lab activities.

If you did today’s lab:  Will the temperature of the water affect whether the dyes mix or stay separate?

Here are the directions for the paragraph:

Write the following in a paragraph (typed preferred or loose-leaf in pen):

  • The testable question
  • Your hypothesis
  • Results – explain what happened
  • Explanation of the results (molecular motion) – complete the reading before writing this part.