3. September, 2021Weekly Buzz

Good afternoon Saint Bernadette School families,

We’re back!  Every year, it’s like we never left.  The weather cooperates so we can resume our traditional Opening of School greeting and blessing.  The children find their new classrooms, meet their teachers, and make new friends.  The teachers pick up doing what they do best.  The parents reacquaint themselves with the comings and goings of the school day.  Everything runs smoothly.  And then a tropical storm passes by!

The early dismissal on Wednesday probably caught me off guard more than the rest of you, because you and the students seemed to handle it in stride.  We got everyone home before the skies opened up, and thankfully we were spared the worst of it.  Still, others in Maryland have suffered more from this, so remember them in your prayers. 

COVID Precautions

Today we wrapped up the first week of school with our initial school mass of the year, and followed that with pizza lunch outdoors for most grades.  Both were hits in my book and I am grateful for all the parent pizza helpers.  We have to work on outdoor lunch logistics and I hope it can be a more regular occurrence.  On that note, we hope to find larger tents that can be installed permanently, but there are few to be had.  If you work with anyone in that business, let me know how their inventory is and we might be able to have outdoor lunch more frequently.

We like going outside because it gives the children mask breaks, but we nevertheless have to be aware to not gather too closely or in large groups even then.  Over 200 students still cannot be vaccinated, which is why wearing masks is mandatory in the school building.  Teachers are reaching out to families when this becomes a concern.  Please help us by making sure your children have several correctly-fitted masks with them each day, and make sure you coach them at home about the proper wearing of masks and why it’s so important to help keep your children healthy and to prevent them from infecting anyone else, whether with Covid-19 or with other illnesses.

Health Screening

I apologize for the snags in the health screening tool through the Parent Plus portal.  We are working with the developer to fix these as they arise.  Regardless of these bugs, we are counting on you to follow the correct protocols each morning.  Please keep Nurse Perrotta aware of any student health concerns.   

Staff Update

On the teacher front, I’ve heard from many of you how much the students are enjoying Mr. Brown’s, Ms. Calice’s, and Ms. Goudreau’s classrooms, and I want to tell you that these teachers also love having your children in their class, so everybody’s winning!  However, today I must tell you that we will have another new teacher joining us soon as Ms. Belknap will be leaving us after next week to join the Baltimore School for the Arts.  I’ve already interviewed several qualified candidates and hope to have her replacement lined up quickly.  Finally, I wrote last week that Mrs. Sallah had to leave for a family matter.  Her mother passed away this weekend and she will be returning to the classroom next week.  Please keep all the Sallah family in your prayers and pray for the repose of her mother’s soul.

Open House for Prospective Families

With Labor Day on Monday, we have another shortened week ahead, but with much in store.  We will be hosting our first Open House on Wednesday, September 8, from 4:00 to 6:00.  If you know someone whose children can benefit from our rigorous and faith-filled education, have them reach out to Ms. Fridley in our admissions office (efridley@saintbernadetteschool.org) or pass their name onto her and let them know about our Open House. 

Extended Day 

If you have not registered for our extended day program yet, you should contact Mrs. Nguyen (tuition@stbernadetteschurch.org). 

Upcoming Dates

The HSA meeting also is on Wednesday evening at 7:00 in the school hall, and the 8th-grade parent meeting will be on Thursday evening at 7:00.  Following this, we will have full weeks of school until Columbus Day in October.

We look to have a glorious weekend ahead of us, so I hope your family makes the most of it.  Drive safely if you are hitting the road, pray that all our children and families have had a great first week of school and will enjoy the long weekend, and stand firm in the faith!  I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday. 


In His service,

Mr. Ewanciw


Important Dates Ahead

September 6   Labor Day, NO SCHOOL 
September 8   Open House for Prospective Families from 4:00 to 6:00 
September 8   Home School Association meeting at 7:00
September 9   8th Grade Parent meeting at 7:00 
September 10 Picture Day–Wear regular uniform, not PE
September 12 Used Uniform Sale
September 14  Back-to-School night for Grades 1 and 3
September 15   Back-to-School night for Grades 2 and 4
September 16  Back-to-School night for Grades 5 and Middle School
October 11   Columbus Day, No School


Gala Update

It’s taken a while, but we’re finally able to hold the Bourbon Tasting Gone A-Rye from our last gala next Friday, September 10.  If you did not take advantage of this sign-up party at the time, we’ve added a few more seats so click this link for more information: 

Bourbon Tasting Gone A-Rye