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Here you will find a list of 40 great new habits, some of which you may want to take on for Lent this year.  Each one of them involves prayer, or fasting, or almsgiving, or a combination of them.  The goal of each one is ultimately to have a closer relationship with God, because you are doing more of what He wants you to do!!  Don’t take on more than you can handle, but remember you can only handle any of them with God’s grace, so ask for His help to make your commitment today!

  1. Get up on time, without your parents having to keep calling you
  2. Pray every day for 1 minute when you first wake up
  3. Pray every day for five minutes before you go to sleep
  4. Commit to going to the chapel every time during Lent
  5. Be the first to ask your parent ‘how was your day?’ when you get home
  6. Make your own bed
  7. Push in your own chair in school or at home
  8. Sit up straight in your chair and/or at church
  9. Greet your teacher each morning by name
  10. Pray a decade of the rosary each day
  11. Pray the rosary each day when you’re on the way to school, with the people with whom you travel with
  12. Pray the whole rosary each day
  13. Skip dessert, and giving it to a family member
  14. Say hello to one new/unfamiliar kid each day at school
  15. Pick up trash at lunch without being asked
  16. Do your homework as soon as you get home
  17. Pray a prayer of thanks for your food at every meal
  18. Take on a new house chore that will help your family each day
  19. Say ‘yes’ to authorities, instead of ‘yeah’
  20. Pray the prayers at Mass audibly
  21. Volunteer to spend time each day playing with/taking care of a younger sibling
  22. Go on a cell phone/social media fast (or at least limit your time to a set, reduced amount)
  23. Sing in Church so that people around you can hear you
  24. Give your spare change to the angel penny jar
  25. Take care of your pet without a parent ‘hounding’ you
  26. Volunteer to hold the door at school
  27. Hold the car door for a parent or a sibling when you go out
  28. Read a Gospel for 5 minutes each day
  29. Say one (or two, or three) deliberately kind thing(s) to someone every day
  30. Pray a special prayer each day for the pope, and all the priests and religious you know
  31. Take five minutes each day alone, in silence, just to be with God
  32. Fast from listening to the radio
  33. Listen to Christian radio/music instead of ‘pop’ music (91.9 fm or 95.1 fm in this area work)
  34. Tell a parent that you love him or her each day
  35. Refuse to complain about going to church
  36. Encourage your family to go to Mass each week and Confession at least once during Lent
  37. Say a prayer each day for someone whom you don’t like
  38. Pray each day for all of your family members who have died
  39. Volunteer to clean the toilets in your house
  40. Do an examination of conscience each evening