Annual Fund


At Saint Bernadette School, we are blessed to enjoy a culture of giving and support,

providing us with vital financial resources needed to thrive and grow. The parish community’s strong tradition of philanthropy strengthens the school today and promotes the promise of tomorrow. In 2021, we shifted the focus of the Annual Fund to support Covid-19 needs such as health and safety infrastructure, enhancing virtual learning tools, and faculty support and development.

Last year’s success enabled us to be a leader in elementary education. We provided in-person and virtual learning the entire year. We kept the Saint Bernadette School experience as wholehearted as ever, while spiritually nurturing and educating our children. We intend to build on that success with continued improvement to our program and facility. One of last year’s challenges was to improve air quality in the classrooms, which we achieved by installing air filtration units in all rooms– increasing ventilation. Further assessment has determined the decades-old classroom windows are beyond repair.

We are dedicating the Annual Fund to support the replacement of all classroom windows to help provide fresh air more efficiently while meeting necessary safety measures to protect our teachers and students.


The need is significant as there are more than 20 learning spaces with windows that don’t open correctly. Many have damaged seals resulting in clouded glass, preventing a clear view outside. Middle school classrooms have five windows each and the annex rooms have seven, totaling almost 100 individual units at a cost near $100,000. In conjunction with your support, state funding for aging schools will supplement this project.


We are so grateful for the immediate response and support from our community. Window replacement will help us to maintain the healthiest learning environment for our students and teachers. Please help us keep this momentum going toward reaching our goal of $100,000.

Your gift to the annual fund is impactful and essential to our success this year.


Thanks to our families, grandparents, alumni and friends for all that you continue to do for our school.





EIN: 52-0623698