17. June, 2022Weekly Buzz

The teachers and staff have been busy this week finalizing report cards and shutting down the school and classrooms for the summer.  Report cards have been mailed and are now published to the ParentPlus portal, so reach out to the office next week or email the teachers if you have any questions about your child’s performance for the year.

The campus was buzzing with HoopEd campers this week and our summer math program will be starting on Monday, so there will be a lot of activity here over the summer.  With that in mind, and since there was a lockdown at Blair High School this week that led to a lockdown at our school, I’ve shared some information below about our ALICE emergency response protocol.

Looking ahead, interviews to fill our vacancies are ongoing and we’ve met several great candidates.  You can expect an update from me as these positions are filled.  Mrs. Zanger will be with us into July and we soon will publish summer office hours.  

Our work on class assignments for 2022-2023 also is ongoing.  Please remember that only students fully enrolled will be placed in homerooms for next year, and the Class Placement Request form is attached for your convenience.  

That’s it for this week.  I hope you’ve had a fun first week of summer and stand fast in the faith!


In His service,


Mr. Ewanciw


 Summer Blessing

May you walk with God this summer

In whatever you do, wherever you go.


Walking with God means…

Walking with honesty and courage,

Walking with love and respect

And concern for the feelings of others


May you talk to God this summer

And every day and in every situation


Talking with God means… 

Praying words of praise for the beauty of creation

Saying prayers of thanks for friends and good times,

Asking for God’s help in all your decisions

Expressing sorrow when you have failed


May you talk with God every day. Amen.