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Please visit https://sites.google.com/a/saintbernadetteschool.org/sbs-music/ for all information about music ensembles and general music classes at St. Bernadette School.

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Hi St. B’s singers,

Last Tuesday in rehearsal, we discussed the style of Sacred Harp singing, also called shape note singing.  Here’s a video of a group in Texas who gather together to sing in this style.

The first verse, they sing on solfege syllables. Then, they sing the words as written in their scores.

The sound may take a little getting used to, but focus on their big sound, the strong beat that they keep with their arms, and how secure they are on their own parts. And of course, those southern accents!


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Hi Grade 5 friends!

I have posted below a recording of Don McLean performing “Babylon” live. He performed it as a 3 part round with his entire audience. I hope you enjoy listening to it, and might use it to practice singing it as a round.


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Dear 3rd grade musicians,

I hope you are enjoying practicing “Hot Cross Buns” for your White Belt test. We will play this in our small ensembles together when we meet for music next Tuesday. For those of you who have played recorder before, or are very comfortable with this song and would like to move on to a new challenge, you may sign up for your White Belt Test during recess time starting Monday, March 2.

Please practice with the recording below. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an e-mail!

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Watch this video of Blue Highway singing “What wondrous love is this”…enjoy the tight harmonies, the southern dialect, and the expressive delivery of the text. The singers know their own parts so well that they are able to listen to one another to make sure they are singing perfectly in tune. Enjoy!