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Vocabulary Quiz on Unit 2 next Tuesday

Check out   https://www.sadlierconnect.com/vw/vocabularyworkshop.com





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Math Section 1- None

Reading- Readworks Article

-Vocabulary pg 21

– Write for 5-10 minutes

Science 101-

Finish Cell Cover

Science 102-

Finish Foldable up to Cell Wall

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-Readworks Article “Autumn” Questions 1-5 only

-Vocabulary Workbook pg 20


Math Section 1:

Worksheet: Multiplication of Multi-digit Numbers

Workbook pg 25 (6-8 only)

Multiplication Quiz tomorrow



Cells packet- Finish pg 3 Questions (1-4)


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Students can use the Textbook site to practice for their first Vocabulary Test:


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Students may use their Interactive Notebooks and Science Notes to answer questions about the scientific method. Student must answer all short answer questions in RAPs format. Test is due Thursday, October 6th