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OK 6th grade, here is the list of the terms you need to know for our last quiz of the year, happening on Tuesday 6/11.  If you are in 7th grade, this is NOT your list!!

1) Love

2) Dignity

3) Humility

4) Pride

5) Salvation History

6) Revelation

7) Three parts of Revelation w/definitions of each

8) Stewardship

9) Incarnation

10) Grace

11) Original Sin

12) Covenant

13) vocation

14) lie

15) Image of God (3 parts and definitions of each)

16) Immaculate Conception

17) forgiveness

18) covet

19) saint

20) tithe

21) the only 2 times to use God’s name

22) Moses Moment

23) Jesus’ 2 part law that summarizes all the law and the prophets

24) repent

25) H.E.R.O.E.S.

26) discipline

27) Protoevangelion (what it is and where it is in the Bible)

28) Canonization

29) Contrition

30) Trinity


For up to 10 points of extra credit, write or type up a list of all of these terms with their definitions.  Then illustrate any 5 of them, and turn them in with your definitions.  Due Tuesday 6/11!

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OK everyone, here is the list for the 7th grade quiz happening next Tuesday 6/11.  Know all of these to get an A.  6th graders, this is NOT your list!

1) Incarnation

2) Love

3) Covenant

4) Moses Moment & Widow’s Witness (definitions and scriptural example of each)

5) Holy

6) Concupiscence

7) Presumption

8) C.L.A.S.S.E.S.

9) Vanity

10) Parable

11) Synoptic

12) Biblical Inspiration

13) Grace

14) Revelation (three parts with definitions)

15) S.L.E.D. argument

16) Humility

17) pride

18) Hope

19) unborn

20) Hypostatic Union

21) near occasion of sin

22) saint

23)Immaculate Conception

24) dignity

25) Pentecost

26) Ascension

27) transubstantiation

28) Faith

29) Judge

30) prophet

31) Paschal Mystery

32) Wisdom

33) Vocation

34) cycle of sin diagram

35) 7 deadly sins (list only)


For up to 10 points of extra credit on this quiz: hand write or type this list of words with their definitions, and make illustrations of any 5 of them.  Due Tuesday 6/11.

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OK 6th graders, here’s what you need to know for Friday’s quiz.  Study well!

  1. God’s name (English and Hebrew)
  2. Paschal Mystery
  3. Moses Moment: definition and examples
  4. Why God sent the plagues
  5. Passover
  6. Comparison of the Old and New Passover
  7. 10 commandments in order
  8. Why the first commandment is broken with every sin
  9. 2 ‘god’ tests
  10. a basic understanding of each commandment as explained in class

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OK 7th graders, here is what you need to know for your quiz this Friday.  Study well!

1)Major events of 722BC, 587/6BC, 536BC, and 516BC

2)Solomon’s great accomplishment and major sins

3)vanity definition

4)St. Augustine’s quote about our hearts, and how it relates to us

5)Solomon’s final advice in Ecclesiastes (quote from Ecclesiastes 12:12-13)

6)Diagram of the human heart, and how it applies to both Solomon and us

7)How Israel split, why it split, and the names and locations they split into

8)The widow of Zarephath’s ‘Moses Moment’, and ‘Widow’s Witness’

9)Israel’s Moses Moment and Widow’s Witness in the time of Elijah

10)The ‘Winter Analogy’, and how it relates to God allowing Israel to suffer.

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OK 8th grade, here is your last extra credit opportunity – watch the videos below, and in 200 words explain Dr. Craig’s ‘minimal facts’ method for proving the Resurrection is a historical event.  You will notice some overlap to the ALPs method!  Email it to me or give it to me on the trip.

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Five Year Review – your species probably has a five year review document in this section of its FWS web page. Be sure to check out those documents to learn more about population information, threats and conservation efforts for your species.

About habitat conservation plans (HCP):  https://www.fws.gov/endangered/what-we-do/learn-more.html

May 30 assignment – begin research on the rest of the topics for your report:

1.Begin by researching the information provided for your species on the  Endangered Species Act website

2. Find more information on other science websites. A few examples are listed below. ALSO you can Google your animal’s name and find information that way. Make sure your list all sites that you use in your bibliography.


Good site for birds:  https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/search

Good site for reptiles and amphibians:  http://www.herpedia.com/index.html

General site for many other species:  http://explorer.natureserve.org/


May 21 Assignment – Taxonomy of your endangered species (Taxonomy only)


1.click on the link

2. open in google docs

3. click on “File”

4. Click on “Make A Copy”

5. rename the document – now you are to work in this document (NOT MINE)

6. You may type into the document and then share it with me (griazi@saintbernadetteschool.org) – before 8 am on Wednesday, or print it. Incorrect spelling as well incorrect/too little information will result in a loss of points


Finding information on the taxonomy and “order” for your species. Wikipedia can be a good source for this – see this example for the northern bobwhite.  On the right-side of the webpage the taxonomy is displayed. You can click on its order and find out more about it. If Wikipedia does not have information, then just Google the order and use a reputable science source.


student form PDF

If you want an E-copy here is a Google Doc version; BUT REMEMBER, first save a copy to your own Google drive (File – Make a Copy); otherwise you will be writing in MY copy! Google Doc Version

Endangered Species website 


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1.Finish the turtle estimated population graph as explained in class.


2. Go to this link to learn about the food and nesting habitat needs of the northern bobwhite. Write a bullet point list of foods they eat and, separately, what they  need to make a nest.


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OK 8th grade, the essay portion of your final exam will be next Wednesday, 5/29.  You want to know the following:

-Know thoroughly one proof of God’s existence, including syllogism, skeptic response to syllogism, and our response to this response

-Know how to prove the Old Testament reliable using fulfilled prophecy, with 2 examples of these prophesies (know book, chapter, and verses) and how they were fulfilled by Christ

-Be able to prove the New Testament reliable using the criteria of the 5 questions and our answers to these questions

-Be able to demonstrate that Jesus claimed to be God using at least 2 passages from the New Testament

-Be able to prove that Jesus is God by showing Christ rose historically from the dead using the A.L.P.s method

Questions?  Send me an email, and don’t forget to pray as you study!

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5/23 HW:  Copy the notes on habitat (info above the line); answer the questions using the bobwhite reading.

click to enlarge

bobwhite population reading

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OK 7th grade, can I get a witness?  Specifically your witness, as you write your latest assignment.  In 200-250 words tell about a time when God did something for you in your life.  It may have been an answered prayer, help on something you had to do, or a good outcome after you trusted God with something.  Remember these witnesses often start in ‘Moses Moments’, so feel free to describe the Moses Moment you went through before describing what God did for you afterward.  It can be typed or handwritten, but must also have a cover page illustrating something about your story.  10% bonus if turned in by Wednesday 5/29; an additional 10% bonus if you read yours to the class!