COVID Protocol

Welcome back to Saint Bernadette School for the 2021-2022 academic year! I look forward to working with you all to keep our students healthy and safe this year.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to adhere strictly to guidance provided by the CDC and the state and county health departments in all decisions regarding our health and safety guidelines.

For that reason, many of our COVID-19 mitigation protocols from last year will remain in place as we begin this school year. We will continue with our core COVID-19 prevention strategies, such as universal indoor masking, physical distancing, enhanced hand hygiene, improved ventilation, daily symptom screening and as necessary, recommendations for COVID-19 testing and contact tracing.

However, some of our previous protocols will be modified as we adapt to the changing state of the pandemic. This year, students will have their temperature checked as they enter their homeroom (instead of upon arrival). Additionally, we ask that you complete the mandatory COVID-19 health screening on the ParentPortal for your child prior to their arrival each day.

If your child experiences any COVID-19 symptoms, or is not fully vaccinated and has a known COVID-19 exposure, do not bring your child to school. Instead, contact your health care provider and arrange for a COVID-19 test, and quarantine until you receive the result. If your child tests positive for COVID-19, you must inform the school immediately so that we can begin contact tracing and quarantine procedures.

Unvaccinated students who have a known exposure will be required to quarantine for 14 days if they are symptomatic, and 10 days if they have no symptoms. Fully-vaccinated students who have a known exposure will not be required to quarantine unless they develop symptoms.  

At this time the CDC requests that travel is delayed until a person is fully vaccinated. If your student is not fully vaccinated and must travel, please follow the CDC’s recommendations for people who are not fully vaccinated:

-Nurse Catherine Perrotta


Letter from Archdiocese >

Safety Sheet from Archdiocese >


Protocol Summary

  • –Masks will be required indoors regardless of vaccination status
  • –Masks are not required outdoors but are recommended to be worn in very crowded areas
  • –There will be at least three feet distance between students in classrooms
  • –Adults will follow the six feet recommended distancing with students and other staff
  • –We are exploring the use of multiple spaces for lunch including outdoors
  • –Students will be spaced six feet apart if eating indoors
  • –To improve ventilation, all rooms will utilize raised windows for outdoor airflow in addition to air filtration units and fans
  • –Health screenings of all students must be done at home each morning
  • –Homeroom teachers and EDP staff will do a temperature screen before admitting students into the classroom
  • –The Pre-K program requires a full health and temperature scan in person each morning