Financial Aid

financial aid

The Archdiocese of Washington works hard to keep Catholic education as affordable as possible.  Part of this effort is the Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance Program, available to students applying to or currently enrolled in Catholic schools within the Archdiocese.


ADW Assistance

Tuition assistance is available through the Archdiocese of Washington for families of students entering grades K-12.  The tuition assistance application forms can be downloaded from or can be picked up at the front office. Any family who thinks they may qualify is encouraged to apply.  This includes students entering Catholic high schools in the fall.


Parish Assistance

Saint Bernadette Parish offers tuition assistance to parents.  Application is provided through the same TADS service that handles school registration and is available online at  You would click on Apply for Tuition Assistance and create your own account.  This is a confidential, third-party process so if you would like Monsignor Smith and Mr. Ewanciw to know any extenuating circumstances, it is helpful to fill out the special letter/paragraph when you are given the opportunity in the application process.  TADS only reports the award amount they calculate, but there may be other circumstances that the application process does not cover for you, which the personal statement can address.  We want to help you, so let us know!