Health Information

Due to the current global pandemic, SBS has initiated new health protocols for this school year. Upon arrival to school each morning, students will have their temperature checked and be assessed for symptoms associated with Covid-19-like illness. A health questionnaire that screens for COVID-19 has been posted on the ParentPortal, and should be completed daily for each “in-person” student. Additionally, social distancing, mandatory face coverings and frequent hand sanitation have been introduced during the school day. The effectiveness of these measures depends upon the commitment of the entire school community to keep our SBS family safe.

Immunization requirements for school year 2020/2021:

All students should be fully immunized in accordance with the requirements of the state of Maryland. An Immunization Policy Acknowledgment form should be completed and returned to the school health office prior to your child’s first day of school.

  • Please use Form 3 MD Immunization Acknowledgement for Grades 2 – 8
  • Or Form 3P MD Immunization Acknowledgement for Grades Pre-K – 1

Incoming Pre-K students are required to have 1 MMR vaccination and 1 Varicella vaccination, plus their 4th DTaP and 3rd Polio vaccine.

Incoming Kindergarten students are now required to have received 2 MMR vaccinations and 2 Varicellavaccinations.

Rising 7th graders are now required to have received 1 Tdap vaccination and 1 Meningococcal vaccination.

All necessary forms for health assessments, immunizations and medication administration can be found on the links below:

Form 3P MD Immunization Acknowledgment (Pre-K – 1st Grade)

Form 3 MD Immunization Acknowledgment (2nd – 8th Grade)

Form 6 Allergy Action Plan (for EpiPens)

Form 8 Medication Authorization

Form 9 Inhaler Authorization

Field Trip Permission Form

Maryland Immunization Certificate

Please contact Nurse Perrotta in the health room if you have any questions either via email or tel. (301) 593-5611, Ext. 123).