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Happy New Year everyone!  As St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and so many others knew, the Bible is God’s word to us, yet we don’t spend enough time reading it.  If you are willing, we can read the most important parts of the Bible together, specifically the Gospels.  We are going to start with the Gospel of Mark, which is the shortest and some would say the most straight-forward.  Each day we will read another chapter, and I will post the chapter on this page, along with some helpful notes where appropriate.  After a few months, we will have read through the Gospels together for the new year!


Keep a journal (something like the Advent journal would be appropriate), in which each day you write 2-3 sentences summarizing what happened in the given chapter.  This will get you one point per day for the rest of the 2nd quarter.  FOR A BONUS POINT, read each chapter with a parent!  Many parents would also like to read the Bible more, but have difficulty finding the time.  This can be their motivation.  If they read the chapter with you and sign your 2-3 sentences each day saying that they did so, you will gain 2 extra credit points per day.  This means you could earn UP TO 30 points during these last 3 weeks of the quarter!!


A) The parent does not have to write their own summary!

B) Bring in the notebook each Friday to receive the credit.

C) All days for that week must be completed to receive the credit!

D) Passages can be found on an upcoming post on this website.