4. November, 2022Buzz

As Catholics, we are called by God to reach out and build relationships of love and justice. This is taught to us by Jesus Christ, who served and identified himself with the poor, the injured, and the marginalized in our world. One way our school works to promote social justice is through the ADL’s No Place for Hate program. The goal of the No Place for Hate program is to promote an understanding of the value and dignity of all members of our school community as well as encourage work towards greater justice and respect for those in our surrounding community. In the coming months, each classroom will be signing the No Place for Hate pledge. We will also be looking for parent and student volunteers who would like to help with No Place for Hate events and the committee. If you or your child are interested in serving on our No Place for Hate Committee, please fill out the following Google Form: https://forms.gle/onWEtasuhy717Kpq7

To learn more about  No Place for Hate® at Saint Bernadette Catholic School please contact Margaret Rodriguez at mrodriguez@saintbernadetteschool.org. With your help, we will continue to strive to walk in the example of Jesus Christ, to profess love for others, and to make our school community a safe and welcoming space for all.