The Library/Media Center is an integral part of St. Bernadette School. For the youngest children to the oldest students, the Library serves as a central location for learning. Students are exposed to many types of literature, which helps develop a love of books and reading. Programs are designed to encourage students to delve into new topics of interest.

Students in grades third through eighth participate in the Accelerated Reader program. The AR program encourages independent reading which leads to growth in reading. This computerized, personalized program ensures that students are reading books that are appropriate for their reading level. Students make weekly visits to the library to check out books, hear stories, and learn necessary library and research skill. The library is also open to use while conducting independent research. Using the Destiny Library Manager System, students learn to find information needed to complete reports and independent projects. Materials are selected to support the ADW standards as well as meeting the wide range of interests of the students. Book talks, author studies, book selection and checkout take place at all grade levels.