The best place to start a search for knowledge at St. Bernadette School is the library and media center.  From the first day of Kindergartners through 8th grade graduation,  children find a vast literary collection and comfortable setting to help stimulate their own love for reading.  The staff nurtures students’ desire to learn and grow, adding research and technology skills along the way.

The library has reviewed all grade level standards in every subject area and has selected the standards that relate to and can be taught in the library.  A few of the standards covered are fiction vs. nonfiction, structural features of information and technical materials, literary games, dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, and almanac skills, cause and effect, fact and opinion, plagiarism, information text, authors and illustrators, following directions, study skills, note taking, and research skills at all levels but especially in the Middle School.

Collaboration with classroom teachers has become essential so that the library can be an integral part of the learning process.  Materials are selected by the library staff to align with the Archdiocese of Washington standards.  Faculty members are contacted for requests and suggestions on how to best use the library in meeting classroom objectives.  After each unit has been taught, the process and materials are reviewed for appropriateness and relevancy.

The school book fair also provides funds for library materials and books, and  Title Five funds contribute one dollar per child to provide for literature in the library.  In the Spring of 2009, the media center staff began administering the Accelerated Reader Program to students in Grades 3 – 8.