Physical Education

At Saint Bernadette School we have a well-rounded Physical Education/Health program that strives to appeal to all interests and ability levels of our students. Scientific studies show that physical fitness improves clear thinking, increases self-confidence and positively impacts student academic performance.

The goal of the Physical Education/Health program is to provide a safe, environment grounded in Christian values and ideals. We strive to create situations that will enhance student’s social and character development as well as promote participation in sports, physical activity, healthy choices and positive social relationships. During the time our students spend at Saint Bernadette School, they will be exposed to a great variety of physical activities and master many skills. Students learn how to channel their energies constructively, problem solve, teamwork, follow rules and to respect the rights of others. We believe student participation in our Christian-based physical education/health program will encourage an appreciation of health, exercise and fitness and creates situations that will enhance students’ social and character development. Students are assessed on their participation,

efforts, attitude, embodiment of Christian values and skill level. Having a positive attitude, trying your best and a willingness to step outside of one’s comfort zone to explore new ideas is a recipe for success in Physical Education/Health at Saint Bernadette School.