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6th: read Genesis 42, and answer the following: 1) what was Joseph’s reaction when his brothers came to visit? 2) do you think it was the right reaction? 3) what would you have done in his place, and why?  200/250 words total.
7th: read Ecclesiastes chapters 1&2. Let the kids know that these are the words of Solomon in his old age.  They should answer in their notebooks the following questions: 1) what do your think happened to Solomon?  2) how would you characterize his approach to life? 3) do your think this is the right attitude? 250 words total.



6th: Read Genesis 43, and answer the following: 1) What was the ultimate reason why Israel agreed to send Benjamin to Egypt?  2) Why did Joseph request Benjamin in the first place (hint: it was more than just so he could see his brother)  3) What do you think is the test Joseph was putting the brothers to?  Were they passing?  200-250 words total.
7th: Reflect further on Ecclesiastes 1 & 2 by answering the following:  1) give a definition for the term ‘vanity’ as used by the author  2) Do these chapters sound like they were written by the wisest person in the world?  Explain why or why not  3) What seems to be missing in the author’s analysis of what is good and bad in life?  Explain your answer 200-250 words total.



6th: Read Genesis 44, and answer the following in your notebook: 1) What specifically was the final test to which Joseph put his brothers, and why do you think he designed it this way?  2) If the brothers pass this test, they will have proven their repentance.  Explain why  3) Do you think they passed?  Why or why not?  200-250 words total
>>> >> > 7th: Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.  This is the most famous section of this book.  Answer the following in your notebook: 1) What is the message contained here in a sentence or two 2) Does this message seem to agree or disagree with ‘all is vanity and a chasing after the wind’ from chapter 1?  Explain your answer.  3) Do you think it more likely that a rich or a poor person would have written Eccles. 1 and 2?  Why do you say so?  200-250 words total



Research the following passages from both the Old and New Testaments, and copy them word for word into your notebooks.  After you have collected the whole set, write what these passages collectively have to do with St. Patrick, and how he lived them out.  100-150 words total for the St. Patrick questions.
>> Matthew 28:16-20
>> 1 Peter 3:15
>> Jeremiah 1:4-9
>> Isaiah 6:8
>> Romans 10:14-15
>> Matthew 4:17
>> Acts 4:18-20