The Resource Department supports students with and without diagnosed needs who require extra support. The department emphasizes a team approach with administration, teachers, students, and parents to ensure that learners have the opportunity to succeed inside the classroom and in the community, both behaviorally and academically. The Resource team is composed of a resource teacher, school counselor, school nurse, and two additional resource teachers. The team works together to ensure communication between all stakeholders and creates Catholic Action Plans (CAPs) or Individualized Catholic Education Plans (ICEPs), based on the individual’s specific needs , to provide appropriate accommodations and modifications necessary for success.


In Kindergarten through Second grade, support is provided in and out of the classroom to assist the youngest learners in acquiring the necessary tools to meet the Archdiocese of Washington’s academic standards in Mathematics and Language Arts. In third through eighth grade, students who have diagnosed learning needs receive support, based on individual needs, in and out of the classroom to provide them with access to the curriculum. The counselor works with all grade levels to provide support and guidance with social and emotional skills. In addition, guidance lessons are taught by the counselor to enhance our curriculum, such as self-esteem, safety, kindness, respect for oneself and others.