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OK 8th graders, you’ve already chosen a saint as your patron: someone who will pray for you if you ask, someone whose name you will take, and someone whose virtues you would like to imitate.  By now I’m sure you are glad that you have paid such good attention to the saint of the day on the morning announcements which has been going on for your entire St. B’s career, with you and this time in your life in mind.  For the report, do the following:

A) Cover page drawn by you of your saint/symbol of your saint.

B) Written report, typed, double spaced, 12pt, 1 inch margins, including the following:

  1. Brief biography (no more than 50% of your report).  Emphasize what this person did to become a saint.
  2. Why you chose this saint to be your patron/what inspires you about this saint.
  3. How this saint can be imitated today, by people like you.

C) Bibliography, including at least 2 sources, either in book form or via the internet.  Good internet sources are newadvent.org, americancatholic.org, catholic.org, and similar reputable sites.  Try to avoid wikipedia if possible.  To be a real source, each source must be quoted in your report (we’ll go over how to do this in class).  Make sure not to plagiarize sources!!

Report is due for all students (whether or not you are being confirmed) on 2/20/18