School Advisory Board (SAB)

The School Advisory Board (SAB) provides advice and feedback to the School Leadership Team on the many issues impacting our school community.  This leadership team, including the parish pastor, school principal and assistant principal, reflects upon and considers the Board’s recommendations when making decisions. 

We Want to Hear From You!

The SAB welcomes your questions and suggestions.  Please use the e-mails below when contacting the SAB. Please note that the SAB meets monthly, and that your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

Current School Advisory Board (2021–22)

Administrative and Faculty Members
Pastor, Monsignor Smith 
Principal, Ted Ewanciw 
Assistant Principal, Margaret Rodriguez 
Advancement (Development), Meg Lewis
Faculty Representative, Shannon Calice 

Chair,  Pat Collins
Vice-Chair, Tim Hagan
Secretary, Halle Majchrzak 
H.S.A. President, Meaghan Corrado
C.Y.O. President, Thad Ruszkowski 
Greater Love, Jessica Colburn 

Maureen Dewey 
Susan Klauda 
Joung Lee 
Ann McCarthy
Kara Mele 
Jeanne Powell 
Melea Veith
Julie Ward 
Erin Madden
Gretchen McCourt
Kyley McGeeney
Yolanda Quintanilla

Dorine Kankou 
Noelle Perillo 
Mike McNally